This and That

Tropical Storm Gabrielle was a non-event here. All we got was a little wind and a little rain. We have gotten much worse weather from a thunderstorm. I did go over to Ocean View in Norfolk to see what the bay looked like with Gabrielle approaching and there were some impressive waves for a bay. I will have a short video up on YouTube which I will link to later. My iRiver Clix 2 came and it is going right back. I have not been able to get it to work for more that a couple of hours before it locks up. Then I am unable to unlock it for days. So I have an RMA number and it is being shipped back tomorrow. I really want to get my hands on a good one because when it did work it was a fantastic piece of technology. Summer is slowly coming to an end and the weather is getting too cool to use the pool after work. It is still great on the weekends but it won’t be for long. I am going camping next week to the Blue Ridge with my brothers Jon and Chris. We plan on leaving Thursday morning and returning on Sunday. I have not been camping in several years and I am really looking forward to it. That’s it for now.

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