No Joy

Well, my Clix 2 has not arrived yet. I just checked its status at UPS online and it has arrived in Maryland from California. According to UPS it is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday. In the meantime I have been pretty busy. As I promised myself after returning from the LDRS in Nevada I bought a model rocket kit this weekend. The kit included a rocket, engines, and launching system. I built the rocket on Labor Day and took it to the park for launch. I am glad to say that the launch was a total success. The rocket flew straight and high. Unfortunately the parachute did not deploy and the rocket buried itself 2 inches nose first into the dirt. My poor rocket will never fly again. I am undeterred and plan on buying a couple more rockets this weekend to build and fly. I anticipate a much better outcome this weekend.

The other thing I have been busy with is upgrading my web site from Mambo to its successor, Joomla. Joomla is a more sophisticated version of Mambo and I have created a rough draft of my new site. Check it out at Mike’s Place. That is it for now, I hope to be writing about my new Clix 2 in the next entry.

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