Leaving on a jet plane

In about an hour or so Teresa will take me to the airport to catch my flight to Ft. Lauderdale. After that she will drive down to North Carolina to drop Kirk off at his grandparents house for a few days. I have a love hate relationship with travel and flying. I am not really afraid to fly but it has become such a hassle that I do not look forward to it. I also do not like staying in hotels unless they are really nice and in an exotic locale and I am on vacation. None of those conditions apply to this trip. But despite all the hassles the trip will be worth it. I will hopefully bring back some useful knowledge and information from the two conferences I will be attending. And if I get the chance to do a little exploring around Ft. Lauderdale and take a few photos that will be nice. It just seems that when I go on trips like this alone, I get homesick almost as soon as I get to where I am going. I guess that is a good thing. It means I have something worth coming home to, and I do. Lucky me.

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