It’s been a long time

Have not posted an entry here for a month. Not that there has not been a lot to write about but I have been very busy. I travelled to Nevada and California for the 2007 LDRS and my visit to the Mojave National Preserve. It was a great trip and I have a lot of video and photos that I have been processing and putting up. I have also been very busy with my Church, including being the chair of the church interim team that is tasked with finding a way forward for our church. Coming up in August is a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for a LandWarNet conference which the Army is sending me to. After that in October I will be travelling to Gulfport, Mississippi with some members of my church to help with the reconstruction efforts down there in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Throw in some volunteer web work for the local chapter of the American Red Cross and my schedule is pretty much full.

We have been enjoying our new pool after finally figuring out how to keep the water clear. The weather forecast for the next week is for temperatures in the 90’s, so I am glad we have the pool. Today we are headed to the beach at Sandbridge for the first time this summer. So I am expecting a great summer, escpecially if I can find the time to read some of the books I have that have been stacking up. I hope your summer is going well also.

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