Eventful Week

It has certainly been an eventful week. At the top of the list is Teresa retiring from civil service after 30 years. She is only 53 years old so I would say she is doing quite well to retire so early. I still have a little less than two years before I will be joining her in retirement. I don’t think it has sunk into her yet that she is retired. I don’t think that will happen until she wakes up Monday morning and realizes that she doesn’t actually have to go to work that day or any other day after that. I can only imagine what it will be like to not have to work after having worked all my adult life. To say I am a little jealous would be an understatement. The biggest thing will be when I retire and we can move to our new home in either Texas or New Mexico. Now that will be a momentous event.

I have been spending money like I had a lot of it also. In the last couple of days I received my copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition. What is great about that is that it cost me only $20. Don’t worry, it is a perfectly legal copy. The U.S. Army has an Enterprise License Agreement with Microsoft that allows me to buy it for that price. I also received my new Panasonic PV-GS320 camcorder. I really wanted a camcorder for filming the LDRS competition I will be attending in July. I don’t think a still picture alone will do justice to the launching and flight of these big rockest. The Panasonic was a CNET best buy and it really was a great deal. The camcorder has a 3 CCD element, 10X zoom, mini DV and SD media (the SD is for taking 3.1 mpixel photos) support, and a host of other features. I am really impressed with all its capabilities and features. I took a couple of short clips yesterday and they really look good.

I still have three books on order and a t-shirt that I ordered from Michelle Malkin’s web site. I should have those next week. So the camcorder cost about $400 but I ordered a 4 GB SD media card online from Best Buy. That one set me back about $26.00 with shipping. I have to cut this one short because I have to go to church. Yardwork is in the cards when I return but I think I am done shopping for a while.  


Panasonic PV320

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