The Last Supper

Tonight I participated in the re-creation of The Last Supper at my church. I have been a member of Park View Christian Church for over two years now and it has made a profound difference in my life. I was baptised by the first minister and we now have a new interim minister. I have contributed as much of my time as possible to the church and its members. It is a small church with a small membership but the members are all great people. I am not on the board or a member of any committee yet but I do participate in outreach programs like the Oasis food kitchen where we serve meals to the homeless and I participate in fund raising events also. Tonight I had to don costume and submit to having makeup applied. I played the part of James the young. He is second from the left in the famous Da Vinci painting.But it was all worth it and it was a special moment for me that will stay in my heart and mind for always. I even got to participate in communion by holding the bread for the parishoners. This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday and I expect it will be the best Easter Sunday of my life.


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