Spring Approaching

As the vernal equinox approaches my mind turns to outdoor activities. One of the first things I plan to do is camp at Medoc Mountain State Park in North Carolina. If the weather is good I plan on going this coming weekend. Checking the NWS web site it looks like the coming weekend down there will have highs in the low 70’s and nightime low’s in the low 50’s. I only plan on camping one night as my new camping equipment has only been used a couple of times and I am still familiarizing myself with it. I have never been to Medoc Mountain but from the description on its web site there should be a lot to see a do. I am eagerly awaiting the weekend and the trip. I really need to spend some time by myself and the ride down and back and the overnight stay should be just what I need. I plan to hike a lot and try my hand at outdoor cooking as well as take a lot of photographs. I will write up my adventures on my return.

Medoc Mountain

Not to leave Teresa completely out of the picture we plan on spending a weekend in Asheville, NC later this summer. Teresa really wants to see the Biltmore Estate and I have heard from some friends of ours that Asheville is a really beautiful town with lots to see and do. The grand finale of the summer will be my trip to Primm, Nevada to see the LDRS competition that will be held on a salt flat nearby. I am really excited about that as I have always loved model rocketry and the land around the area is beautiful with lots of places to explore.

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