Hoffler Creek

Saturday I went to Hoffler Creek for a guided birdwalk. Hoffler Creek is a privately owned reserve only a few miles from my house. It is one of only a few nature areas in an urban environment. The central feature of the reserve is a large lake. The walk lasted from 8am to about 10am. There were only a few participants but the guide and one other participant were avid and very knowledgeable bird watchers. They knew every bird we encountered and provided lots of interesting information about the birds. We were in luck as there were many ducks on the lake that morning. From what I can remember there were Gadwall, bufflehead, coot, and mallard ducks. We also saw numerous other types of birds as we walked the circumference of the lake.

We saw two types of woodpeckers, many finches, cardinals, and a kingfisher. I had a great time and took some pictures. There were lots of fresh tracks in the mud including deer and racoon. It is a shame that the reserve is only open on Saturdays. I am a member of the group that maintains the reserve and I am trying to get them to open the reserve on Sundays also. I will be posting the pictures I took to my album but for now here is one I took of some racoon tracks.


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