Birds and Bird Feeders

One of the things I have enjoyed this winter is watching the birds at my bird feeders. I have one feeder hanging from a tree and the other is simply a bowl in the middle of the back yard. The feeders attract many birds during the day including cardinals, blue jays, red-wing blackbirds, morning doves, carolina chickadees, and woodpeckers. A few rabbits have also made a visit to the ground feeder. It is fun watching the birds feed from the living room through the french doors or from the windows in the kitchen. I have learned a lot about birds; their behaviors, bird feed preferences, and social order. Doves seem to be very docile and tolerant of other birds, while cardinals are constantly fighting with each other. Blue Jays are fearless and intimidate all the other birds. Red-wing blackbirds always come in large flocks. Robins do not seem interested in the feeders at all. I guess they only eat worms and insects. Anyway, it is enjoyable to watch the birds feeding and I plan on buying a spotting scope so that I can view the birds up close.

This spring I am going to try planting some small trees and bushes in the backyard in hopes of attracting more and different species of birds. I have even thought about putting up a webcam to broadcast the feeders. There is one site on the web that has a fascinating camera that covers several bird feeders. The camera is located at Coles Pond in Vermont. I have seen many blue jays and some squirrels so far. Looking at the sites archives the feeders also attract rabbits, racoons, deer, and even a black bear.

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