Another Long Weekend

I have this Friday off because I had to take my truck in to be worked on. The heat has not been working for a while and it finally came to a head yesterday morning when I had to drive to work with the outside temperature at 22 degrees. My feet were frozen by the time I got to work. So I left my truck to be worked on last night and I am expecting a call sometime this morning telling me it is ready. I asked Dana if she would take me to get my truck picked up and she agreed. I don’t know what other plans I have for the long weekend so I will give that some thought. I am reading a really good book by Bill Bryson called "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid". To quote the back cover. " Bill Bryson’s laugh-out-loud pilgrimage through his fifties childhood in heartland America is a national treasure. It is full of insights, wit and wicked adolescent fantasies." – Tom Brokaw.

I grew up about the same time as Bill Bryson although I was a Navy brat and travelled to Rhode Island, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. My early youth in the 50’s was spent in Rhode Island. Most of what Mr. Bryson writes about those times resonates with me. As a result of reading his book I am revisiting some of the old TV shows from those days. I have bought collections of Superman, Sky King, The Phil Silvers Show, and My Favorite Martain. I have bee watching them for a few days and it is amazing the difference between TV then and now. Mr Bryson laments that a lot of what made his childhood so enjoyable is gone now and I have to agree with him. But I imagine the kids of today will have the same feeling once they grow up. 

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