Why so Hard

I wonder why it seems so hard sometimes to write in this blog. Actually, a lot has been happening so I should not have a problem writing about it. So first with the good news, we have a new dog. Last week Teresa, Kirk, and I spent the day going to all the animal shelters looking for a dog to adopt. In the weird way that things always seem to work out for me, the dog we finally adopted was found completely by accident. We had gone back to the first shelter we had visited to look at a puppy that had interested us. We had been unable to agree on any other dogs that we had seen. Either I loved them and Teresa hated them or vise versa. So on the verge of giving up I noticed someone open a door to the outside of the shelter. The door was not marked at all but it led to the outside kennel where all the larger dogs were housed. So by a quirk of fate there was Max. (Originally Farley but changed by us to Max). Max is a 3 year old male golden retriever. Teresa immediately fell in love with him as did Kirk. I was not originally sold on him but that has changed since he has been with us for a few days now. Max is the perfect dog for us. He is beautiful, smart, playful, and very well behaved. We have yet to find any fault with him. We had to wait until he was neutered before we could take him home and we have been taking it easy with him due to his stitches. But so far he has been a joy for all of us. I will need another blog entry to tell all about him but for now suffice it to say that I cannot wait until he is fully healed to really let him go wild. This weekend I will be able to take him hiking with me and go to the beach. I can’t wait.

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