Not much good news

It has not been a very good week for me. My adoption application for Apple Jack was not accepted. Another family got him. I guess the better family won out although the adoption agencies explanation as to why I was not accepted did not make any sense to me. I guess I will just keep on looking and applying. I really love dogs and I am incomplete without one to share my life with. I also learned today that one of my dive buddies, Dr. Fred Jordan, has passed away. Dr Fred was a really nice person and we shared some great times together. He will be sorely missed. Seems too may people that I know and admire have died recently. It has kind of depressed me and I hope I can overcome this feeling of despair that overcomes me now and again.

I went camping Friday at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. I wanted to try out some new camping gear that I had bought. I spent Friday setting up my new tent and spending time on the beach. I also tried out my new camp stove, which worked very well. I was able to boil water for my dehydrated dinner quite easily. The new tent, sleeping bag, and pad also provided a fairly comfortable night. Saturday morning I woke up early, cooked breakfast, and broke camp. I had planned on staying another night, but camping alone proved to not be much fun. I wish I could get Teresa to camp with me but she is not much of an outdoors person. I hope that next time I go camping I will at least have a dog to go with me. Here is a link to some of the photos I took while camping.

First Landing State Park

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