Today I went looking for a dog to adopt. There was an Adopt-A-Thon going on at all the Pet Smarts in the area so I went to both of the stores in Chesapeake. At the first PetSmart there were not may dogs available but the first two I saw I was taken with. One is a 2 month old female lab/beagle mix named Kendall. The second is a one year old male lab/retreiver mix named Apple Jack. I was especially taken with Apple Jack. He is a beautiful, friendly dog with a great personality. I filled out the online application form with PACC (the animal shelter sponsoring the dogs). They are very pickey about who adopts their pets. They do a personal visit to the home to make sure that all the dogs needs will be met as well as talk to your vet if you previously owned or currently own another dog. I don’t think I will have a problem qualifying as I have a large fenced back yard and Shakespeare always went to the vet regularly and was in great health. BTW, I received an email from Shakespear’s new family and they are thrilled with him as he is with them. That is great news to receive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Apple Jack and maybe even Kendall will soon be a permanent part of my family.

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