This and That

I am watching CNN Pipeline coverage of the Shuttle Atlantis launch. Hopefully it will get off the pad today or they will have to reschedule until October. I wish that NASA had already developed the next generation shuttle but they do not even have a prototype yet. The shuttle is way past retirement age in my opinion. I have been unhappy with the pace NASA has maintained ever since the last landing on the moon. I cannot believe it is going to take them until 2015 or later to go back to the moon. That is over 30 years since the last manned landing on the moon.

On another topic, it is going to be a busy weekend here. I am still moving furniture to my upstairs lair. Teresa has bought a new sofa for downstairs to replace the one I am taking. Did I mention that Dana has moved back home. That is a story for another time. We are also continuing our landscaping efforts  on the side of the house. We have thirty large paving stones that we are going to put down to make a walkway to the gate to the back yard. There will also be an arbor at one end and shrubs and flowers on both sides. No rest for the weary.

Finally, there is some rest waiting for me on the horizon. I am planning to go camping in late September or early October at Skyline Drive. I have a lot of new backpacking equipment that I want to try out before I actually embark on a backpacking adventure. The trip to Alaska that I have been planning for next year is still on the books although I don’t know if Teresa will go.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Say a prayer for our country in the coming years as we struggle to keep our country free and safe. 

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