Wow, but it has been hard getting back to writing in this blog. I took Shakespeare back to Heritage Humane Society two weekends ago. I hated doing it as I love him very much. I also feel guilty that I did not do everything to try to keep him. But I gave in to the inevitable and took him back. The good news is that he was adopted almost immediately. I had posted info about him on MySpace, emailed all my friends, and took out an ad in the local paper. But the first people who looked at him wanted him. That tells you how great a dog he was. So the good news is that he is hopefully in a good home and is happy. The bad news is that I miss him terribly and I know I will never see him again or get to pet him or hug him or love him again, except in my dreams and in my mind. Goodbye Shakespeare, I wish you a long and happy life. Who knows, in this crazy life maybe we will meet again.

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