Back from Vacation

Just got back from our vacation to Chincoteague Island. It was Teresa’s first visit and she fell in love with the place. In fact she is on the Internet right now looking at real estate there. We were caught in some violent thunderstorms just as we approached the island and had to stop for over an hour. It was the worst storm I have ever experienced. Upon return home today I learned that the storms were part of the worst flooding that Washington DC, Maryland and Deleware had experienced in several years. The streets of Chincoteague were flooded when we finally made it into town. But the weather on Saturday and Sunday was great and we took advantage of it to go to the beach at Assateague, see the ponies in Chincoteague Wildlife refuge, take a pontoon boat ride around the island, and enjoy our stay at the Watson House B&B. When I get a chance I will provide more details of our vacation. For now enjoy this photo of dusk settling over the island.

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