Botanical Garden

Our gardening project has started to take on epic dimensions. What started out as a project to put some shrubs around the house has expanded into competition for the local botanical gardens. Teresa and I have added about 10 more shrubs and numerous flowers to another large bed next to our driveway. We also moved all the large stones that made up our defunct pond and made a ring around our Bradford pear. We will put some ground cover inside the ring when we get a chance. Teresa also bought a lot of ivy which we plan on putting in the front yard between the garden and the street. Don’t want to put a lot of expensive shrubs there because it is on the right-of-way. I will have to post a couple photos when we are done to better show what we have done. Yesterday I managed to put some weed guard and eight 40 lb. bags of pine bark mulch down but I still need about eight more bags to finish. Plus Teresa wants to add a few more flowers. In addition, we want to add some solar lights to the garden to illuminate it at night. Teresa has been caught several times out front this morning just staring at the garden. I have to admit it looks pretty good for a couple of rank amatuers.

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