House Beautiful

Finished the landscaping in the front yard last weekend. We now have a flower bed that stretches from the front door all the way around the front to the back of the house. We put in 5 rhododendrons and 3 holly bushes I think. We brought the flower bed out from the house a good yard so there is plenty of room for the shrubs and trees to grow. After having laid on 13 bags of pine bark mulch, most of the bed is nicely covered. I still need about 3 more bags to finish the job. We put down weed guard and edged the whole bed with fiberglass edging. It really looks nice. Tomorrow I will take a few pictures once it is done and post it to the blog. The pear tree and the dogwood trees are also doing nicely. I hope to be able to squeeze in some time this weekend to do something else besides yard work. The weather is supposed to be nice and I hope to go to Rawlings quary finally to do some diving. So for tonight I will have a beer and watch ‘The Great Raid’ on our home theatre system. Almost forgot, I want to do some shopping Saturday for backpacking gear. Still have a May date with my first test hike with the new gear. Almost forgot – two, my projected retirement date has been set for 8/30/2009. A little over 3 years and 4 months until retirement. New Mexico here we come…

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