Gardening Update

Well, it looks like my garden is starting to grow. Despite a 4am temperature of 30 degrees the other day, my beets and squash are starting to sprout. I have not seen the cucumbers come up yet but I think they will. The flowers I planted in the flower bed out back are also doing well. If all goes well with the garden I will probably put another bed in so that I can grow some radishes, peppers, and beans. That should keep me busy for a while. On another topic, we are now considering New Mexico as a place to retire to in addition to Florida. I have started doing some research and New Mexico appeals to me on several levels. First the natural beauty of the state and the fact that it has 23 State parks is a big factor. The scenery goes from mountains to desert. Also, the cost of a house is much less than Florida. I was on a couple of real estate sites yesterday and I can get a much nicer house and a bigger parcel of land for my money than in Florida. Plus, as I told Teresa, there are no hurricanes or alligators. (I don’t mind alligators but she does) More later.

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