I’m Back

It has been a busy week again. I have finished the foundation for my vegetable garden. I made a single 15 ft. by 3 ft. plot with a loose soil depth of about 12 inches. I still plan on adding some more top soil and manure before I start planting. The weather is still too cold to start planting as the nighttime lows are still in the low to mid thirties. I have bought the seeds to plant tomatoes, beets, squash, and cucumbers. I will probably lay another 15 ft. by 3 ft. bed next to the existing one. I want to be able to plant some beans and maybe some lettuce. On another note, I bought a new backpack, one man tent, and a sleeping bag. I want to do some backpacking and I really didn’t have any good equipment. I spent more than I would care to disclose but the gear is very good and very lightweight. At my age, I want to be carrying as little weight as possible. So between scuba diving, backpacking, and gardening, I think I will have an enjoyable and busy summer and fall. Now if the weather would just improve so I can start doing all this. One more thing I want to mention is that I will be going to Las Vegas for 4 days the first of April for a Gartner Group Summit on Portals and Collaboration. My employer, the U.S. Army is sending me. The Army rocks. I went to Las Vegas last year on vacation and I loved it, but I never thought I would be going back again. I just hope I have enough time to see Freemont Street and maybe Red Rock Canyon again.

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