February ending

Looking forward to the return of Spring. I have planted wildflowers in my greenhouse and will transplant them as soon as the danger of frost passes. I took my dive gear to big Bill’s Saturday to have him check the gear out for the upcoming dive season. There is going to be a dive clinic at the Portsmouth Rec center this week and I hope to take my gear there and test it out in the pool. Next I hope to go to Lake Rawlings and do a couple of dives before I attempt my first ocean dive of the season. I am quite rusty as I have not had a dive for over a year now. I am really looking forward to a busy dive season and hope to be able to go to Florida for at least a few dives this summer. While we are down there we also hope to look at a few houses for sale as we are really anxious to buy our retirement home soon. On another note, my mother has been transferred from the hospital to a nursing home until she becomes strong enough to move back to her apartment. I visited her yesterday and she still looks pretty weak but her spirits appear strong.

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