Trip to Nauticus

This Saturday we went to Nauticus in Norfolk. Nauticus is a National Maritime Center that explores the economic, naval, and natural power of the sea. Nauticus includes the Battleship Wisconsin, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, and numerous other features. I could have spent the entire day there as there are many fascinating displays, but Kirk was not up to it so we left early. Teresa and I will have to go back again some day soon. This was the first time I have ever visited the Center in all the years I have lived in the area. Don’t ask me why I have never visited before as I have been to every other attraction in the Hampton Roads area many times. The best part of the Center is the Battleship Wisconsin. If you have never been up close and personal with a battleship, you have no idea of the size and power that exudes from one of those monsters of the sea. I am including one of the pictures I took of the Wisconsin, which hopefully will give you some feel for the size of these ships. Earlier we had gone to Panera’s for breakfast. On my last trip to the Washington, DC area I had eaten in a Panera’s for the first time and was really taken with the quality of the food and drink they offer. If there is one in your area and you have never been before, you are really missing out on a great place. The weather service had been predicting snow for Saturday, but as usual they were completely wrong. All we got was a little rain instead of the 1-3 inch wintry mix we were supposed to get. Today it is sunny but very cold. The high temperature for the day so far was 32 degrees but as of 2pm the temperature has dropped to 28 degrees. Too cold to go outside and do much, hence here I am adding a new entry to my blog. On another topic, today marks the first day in a long time that I have gone to the gym. I used to go at least three times a week, but I got sick for two weeks and have not gone for many months. After today, I hope to get back into going regularly again. I really need to get back into shape as I need to lose at least 10 pounds for the scuba diving season which is coming up soon. That, and the fact that I am now 57 years old, I really need to try to keep in better shape.


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