Midweek ramblings

It is Tuesday night and I just finished listening to ‘Brave Men Run’ another podcast novel that I have been listening to. Between podcasts and Audible.com audio books, most of my commute to and from work is devoted to listening to my iPod. I don’t think I have actually turned on the radio in my truck for months. There is nothing on the radio worth listening to anyway. When I have any spare time from listening to podcasts, I have been tinkering with VMWare’s free virtual machine player. I have installed the player on my computer here at home and am running Ubuntu’s ‘Breezy Badger’ linux distro. It acutally works pretty well. I am able to access a full-blown linux distro in a window on my destop while still having XP available for use. It is really pretty cool. I am also trying to install another wiki on my unix server. This wiki is called ‘TWiki’ and is a perl version of a wiki. I am having some technical issues with getting it configured but I think I will be able to eventually get it running. At work I have been familiarizing myself with Microsoft’s InfoPath. It uses XML to create forms and my boss has expressed an interest in some of these new technologies like blogs, wiki’s and XML. As if all that was not enough to fill my waking hours, I have started a seed bed with wildflowers so that I can have them ready to plant in the spring. I am also planning on starting a vegetable garden this spring. Oh, and did I mention that I need to get my scuba gear checked out and inspected for the upcoming diving season? I missed most of last year due to several things but I really want to get back into diving again. I really miss the fun and excitement of scuba diving.

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