A good friend of mine, Bill Grant, has been sending me emails recently with links to Snapfish.

He has been posting photographs that he has been taking while in Florida. Bill retired from my former employer about two years ago. Bill and his wife Lena then bought a beautiful motor home, sold their main house and started traveling all over the United States. So far they have travelled to the Northeast and the Southwest and are now in Florida. They recently stopped by to visit with another friend of mine, Gloria Shields, who also recently retired from my former employer and is now living in Florida. The most recents links Bill has sent me are from the Emerald Coast and Panama City, Florida. As I am also an avid traveller, naturally I am somewhat envious of Bill’s travel adventures. Bill called me last night and inquired as to where Teresa and I stayed on our last visit to Key West, Florida. I told him that we had stayed at the beautiful Casa Marina Resort for the week we were there. So now Bill and Lena are headed to Key West for a few days. Did I say I was envious??

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