Another weekend

Well, my birthday was yesterday, the 27th of January. I am now officialy 57 years old. It always surprises me a little how inexonorably time marches on. I still don’t feel my age and I hope I never do. Anyway, I had a nice German chocolate cake and some nice birthday cards and a lot of best wishes from my co-workers. Tomorrow I will be heading to Reston, VA in a rental car for training until Friday. I will be learning about IIS 6.0 and Windows server 2003. I hope the training will be worthwhile. I have been fighting a cold since my last entry and I think I finally have the best of it. The cold, dry weather has not been much of a help. Teresa suggested we get a humidifier for the bedroom as she has been getting sinus headaches from the dry air. I will be heading to Target today to see if I can find a good one. This morning I have been listening to OTR on Live365. OTR stands for Old Time Radio and Live365 is a streaming audio feed that I get from my computer that is fed to my Tivo box. From there I can listen to the broadcasts over my TV and home entertainment center. I will have to talk about my Tivo in another entry. It is one of the best technology devices I have ever purchased.

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