Not a good weekend

I left work 2 hours early Friday because I was not feeling well. Saturday I had a bad cold all day and stayed home all day. The weather was as miserable as I felt also. Today, Sunday, I feel somewhat better but the weather is still miserable. All in all, a pretty lousy weekend. I am watching the playoffs and so far the team I am rooting for is not doing very well. I seem to be a curse for any team I root for. I am a Colts fan but have never watched them play all season. So finally when they play the Steelers for their conference championship I watch the game and guess what, they play terribly. So I stop watching the game and they score eighteen points. They still lost but it is amazing how much bad luck I seem to bring to my teams. Today I am rooting for the Broncos to beat the Steelers and guess who is losing? Can my luck really be that bad? Maybe I will call it a day and go listen to a podcast. Right now I am listening to ‘Brave Men Run

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