First Snow of Winter

We had our first snow of the winter last night. A front came through at about 7pm and brought with it high winds (35-50mph), cold temperatures and about a 1/4 inch of snow. Last winter we had our first snow the day after Christmas. Then we had a total of 8 inches of snow, so last night was not much to really speak of. The winds are still strong today so it is really uncomfortable going out. I hate being stuck inside all day, so I will probably dress up in layers and make a foray to the local park to walk Shakespeare. I don’t know if Shakespeare has ever seen snow before. When I let him out last night, he started snapping at the snow as it fell and then he started biting and licking the snow on the ground. I took a couple of pictures of the snow this morning, and I will put one up later in the day.

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