Pretty morning

It is a beautiful morning. We had some rain pass through last night but there is sunshine and fairly warm temperatures for January. I just returned from the front porch and saw two bluejays and a lot of other birds busily going about their morning. Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I have a three day weekend to fill. I hope to go to Medoc Mountain State Park in North Carolina tomorrow. I wanted to go on Monday but I have a doctors appointment. The Park is about a three hour drive from my house. I have never been before and from the web site description it sounds like a nice place to visit for a day. Thursday at work I saw a flight of what I at first thought were Canada geese fly over. I was curious because they were not honking as Canada geese do and they did not appear to be big enough for Canada geese. They landed in the ballfield next to our office so I took out my binoculars (I always have binoculars with me) and took a good look at them. I then did a Google search and found them to be Brent Goose.

They are very beautiful and I saw them again Friday in the ocean near the seawall where I walk sometimes during lunch. Did I mention that I work for the Army at Ft. Monroe, Virginia? It is a very beautiful Army post that has an historic fort on it. Sadly, it is scheduled to be shut down in 2009 as a cost-saving measure. I just hope the land is preserved and put to good use.

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