CES and Dee

I have been following two things recently. The CES show in Las Vegas has always been fascinating to watch. I am a geek at heart and technology has always been of interest to me. I enjoy the keynote speeches and all the new technology that is shown for the first time. This year it has been especially interesting due to all the bloggers that are reporting on the event. The bloggers provide a unique perspective on CES that is not provided by the mainstream media. There are more one on one interviews via podcast and videocast than have ever been available in the past. The other thing that I have been following …

is Dee Caffari and Aviva and her solo attempt to circumnavigate the globe going west against the prevailing winds. I have been captivated by her reports and photographs. She has a website,                                 AvivaChallenge

that provides commentary from her and her support crew as well as information on her progress and current position. I have been plotting her voyage on Google Earth  and visiting the countries that she passes by. Mostly it has been the west coast of Africa and the east coast of South America. She has rounded Cape Horn and is currently crossing the Pacific. Her voyage has not been easy as she is manning a boat that normally has a crew of thirteen. I highly recommend that you follow her progress and send her an email of encouragement.  


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