Much to report, no will to report it.

Where do I begin. Just got back from our trip to Italy. Not… Just got back from our trip to Key West, Florida. Long story, maybe another entry. Anyway, we had fun in Key West even though the weather was unseasonably cold for several days. I also have had time to play with my new Nokia 770 internet tablet device. So far I am loving it. Additionally, I have found that there is a much larger free wifi presence in the US than I had imagined. On our trip to Key West, I was able to connect for free in the Charlotte, NC airport and the Ft Lauderdale airport. The hotel we stayed at in Key West, the Casa Marina Resort, had wifi access but it cost ten dollars for 24 hours of access, not that unreasonable. Just before we went on our trip I took my son out to dinner for his birthday and there were several establishments in the area that had wifi. We ate at Barons pub and were able to connect while eating.

So more about the trip to Key West, and why we didn’t go to Italy in the next post. I will leave with one of the photos I took that shows the Christmas spirit in Key West.

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