Busy, Busy, Busy…

Been very busy lately and have not had much time to do any blogging. Besides that, my Internet access has been down for several days. Cox cable came out and fixed it yesterday. It seems that my transmission level was too high. It was over 55 (db?) and needed to be below 50 at a minimum. After rerouting my coax to avoid two splitters, my Internet is back and better than ever. I have noticed a marked increase in performance. I think my speed rates at T1 according to most tests I have run on it.

Work has been very hectic also. I am trying to do several projects at the same time and am taking two online courses. One course is in SharePoint Portal technology and the other course is on knowledge management. I am also trying to squeeze in a few Italian lessons for our upcoming trip to Italy. Yesterday I worked in the back yard most of the day getting it ready for winter. Today, after church, I will finish up the back yard and start in the front yard. I plan on laying down some rye grass so our yard won’t look dead over the winter. I think I have at least a half dozen other to do items on my PDA that need attending to also. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I have three web sites that need my attention? Bring on the clones…..

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