Stay at Skyline Drive

I booked a room at Skyland Resort on Skyline Drive for Veterans Day, the 11th of February. Teresa, Kirk and I will be going up to see the Fall color change. I hope to get some great photos of the area. In the meantime, work has been going along fairly well. I have got my hands full with several projects but I don’t mind. I feel comfortable knowing I can retire any time that I grow tired of it. I have been watching Hurricane Wilma’s progress towards a landfall in Florida. I had not expected another hurricane of this magnitude this late in the season. At least the projected path shows Wilma will not come too close to our area. I hope that projected path holds true. Can’t think of much else to report except I helped unload 1000 pumpkins the other night for our church pumpkin patch sale. I am still a little sore from all the unaccustomed exercise. I am volunteering to help sell them this weekend so I should be plenty busy this weekend.


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