Stockley Gardens

We went to the Stockley Gardens Art Festival yesterday. The weather was beautiful for a change as the weather had been terrible for the previous two weeks. Stockley Gardens Art Festival is something that I have been going to for a long time. I have a lot of pleasant memories of it. Earlier that day we went to the Daily Grind coffee shop for breakfast. I was not very impressed with the quality of the food. The panini and the bagel were very ordinary but the muffins and coffee were OK. After the festival we had lunch at one of my favorite places, Cafe Mundo. The food is always very good at Mundo. In addition, Cafe Mundo now has free wifi access. When I get my Nokia internet appliance for Christmas (I hope) Cafe Mundo will be the first place I go to try it out. Also yesterday, I was supposed to help with the unloading of pumpkins that were supposed to be delivered to our church for its annual pumpkin patch event. Unfortunately, the pumpkins have been delayed due to Katrina and Rita. I don’t know if that is the real reason as I was told the pumpkins come from Arizona or New Mexico. What does Katrina and Rita have to do with pumpkins in the Soutwest? Click the link below for a photo I took at the Festival.

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