Long weekend begins

Well, I started the long Columbus Day weekend. I spent most of Friday reading, running a few errands, and working on my Mambo site. I added a new component to Mambo that allows me to create a travel journal complete with an interactive map and journal entries. I plan on using it to document our upcoming Italy vacation. The weather has been lousy but I managed to get out and buy a used book to read. Our new boarder, Michelle, had supper with us tonight. I cooked waffles and sausage and she cleaned her plate up like a good girl… Later she brought her bird ( a parakeet) downstairs. Her name is Petri and she is adorable. She can talk and is very friendly. Unfortunately, our dog Shakespeare almost ate it. Michelle had Petri on her shoulder and when she bent over to pick something up Shakespeare grabbed the bird. All I saw was flying feathers and heard a lot of squaking. Luckily, Shakespeare was only playing with the bird and did not really bite down on her. She lost a couple of feathers but other than that she is OK. I hope the rest of the day proves to be not as exciting.

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