Winter Vacation

Had I mentioned earlier in my blog that Teresa and I will be vacationing in Italy this December? If not, here are the latest details. We will leave for Rome the 18th of December, arriving in the morning on the 19th. (Long flight plus add 5 hours for time zone) We plan on staying three nights in Rome and do all the usual sightseeing stuff. Then we will take a train from Rome to Florence where we will spend two nights. I think I am more excited about the train ride and Florence than I am about Rome. Finally we will take the train back to Rome where we will spend one more night before flying home on Christmas day. We are both really excited about the trip. I have already booked the hotels for Rome and Florence. In Florence we will be staying in a 15th century convent that is still run by nuns. It is very quaint and beautiful, in addition to being inexpensive and centrally located. Much more on our plans in future postings. Check the link for the website of the convent we will be staying in in Florence.

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