Weekend is Here

Another week finished. It is Friday evening and I have just finished watching an Outer Limits that on my TiVO. Hurricane Ophelia has come and gone with not a drop of rain and very little wind. Much ado about nothing.. I finally had to go back to the Doctor for my cough. It had been getting worse and worse. Seems I still have a touch of Bronchitis and my usual allergies. So I am on another antibiotic and some more Flonaze for my allergies. It seems to be helping quite a bit. I may be able to get some sleep finally. This weekend I will be moving my operations from the upstairs apartment to a downstairs bedroom. We are taking in a boarder and she will be staying upstairs in my former digs. She is a friend of Dana’s and is not wanted by her Dad anymore so she will be staying with us for a while. I hope it works out OK for all of us.

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