What a weekend

Well, it has been quite a Memorial day weekend. Saturday I felt well enough to go to the nature walk at Hoffler Creek. The weather was pleasant and we saw a lot of birds. Unfortunately, I came away with a million chiggers on me. So now I am scratching away the remainder of the holiday weekend. We ate out last night at a new restaurant in Chesapeake. It is close to us and is called Spahgetti Eddie’s. The food was very good and reasonably priced. One of Dana’s friends works there as a waitress. We also ran across Heather and her family as they were leaving. Today I worked in the yard for a while and am now scratching myself as I update my web sites. Teresa is out shopping and I am waiting for her to return so I can go for a walk with Shakespeare. I have also been looking at how to get around while in Rome and Florence. The options range from an expensive private car all day tour of Rome to renting a scooter and risking life and limb to see the city. I kind of like the scooter idea as it is inexpensive and sounds like fun but I don’t know if I can talk Teresa into that. The other options are train, bus, trolley, or the underground. Still cogitating on it..

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