What a crappy day

Well, what started out as a pretty good day ended up in the toilet. I felt like hell yesterday but today when I got up I felt pretty good. Work went well and I left early as I had an appointment with Cox Cable about problems with my Internet access. When I got home I found that my wonderful dog Shakespeare had torn the house up again. He had shredded my good bible (the second one) all over the house as well as a pair of Teresa’s shoes. On top of that, I can’t get the Hoover to vaccum any more so I tossed it into the yard. Then the phone would not work so I could not answer when Cox called to make sure I was home. Oh, and the broom broke when I was trying to sweep up the mess my dog had made. So I am still waiting for the Cox man to show up, it is raining like hell and my blood pressure is probably through the roof. All in all a pretty swell day. I am afraid what might happen next. Stay tuned…..

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