Back from TDY

I got back from my trip to Ft. Leonard Wood today. The trip was everything I thought it would be.

The post at Ft. Leonard Wood was impressive. It was much better than any Navy base I have ever seen. The Manuever Support Center that we visited was like a major college campus. The main building housed the Engineers, Military Police, and Chemical Corps schools. The facility was state of the art and the interior was beautiful. The halls had many display cases highlighting each schools history. It reminded me of a museum in many ways. The staff was very friendly and extremely talented and professional. We were able to visit each school and see some of the classes in action. As I said before, I was very impressed. I will write more about the trip soon. On the last night, we drove back to St. Louis and stayed in a hotel near the airport. We drove into downtown St. Louis and walked around the river district and visited the arch. There is a beautiful museum below the arch that chronicles the Lewis and Clarke expedition and the expansion west. The trip to the top of the 630 ft. arch was exciting and the view was spectacular. More on that later also.

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